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About Vida

Sex is Life. Life is Vida. Vida is the Essence of Pleasure.

Vida revolutionizes pleasure objects by making them accessible to all. For 3 years, we have witnessed the evolution of the high-end massager, all the while designing what we consider to be a superior, and more affordable, pleasure object. As veterans in the manufacturing of pleasure accessories, we know the true cost of production and we pass that true cost on to you.

The landscape of sensuality has changed tremendously in recent years. Women have made their sensual desires known; adult shops have shifted to cater to these women and their lovers; internet outlets entice women with beautiful, feminine websites, and now pleasure objects have shifted to suit your demand for equally pleasing design and function in one piece.

Each Vida massager comes in a beautiful leather train case tote that can be used to store the massager. Each train case includes a soft storage bag, a small catalog showcasing all the massagers in Vida’s Essence of Pleasure line, as well as information on how to operate and care for your massager.

Representing sensuality the entire world over, the Vida line features names chosen from various languages from around the globe —old and new—that evoke the Essence of Pleasure.

Lussuria is Lust; Zara is Aim; Vanta is Want; and Urja is Orgasm.

Crafted from earth-safe materials such as anodized aluminum, hygienic silicone and high quality motors, each rechargeable Vida massager can last a lifetime. The sensual curves of Vida massagers are designed to not only fit your body perfectly, but to also rest comfortably in your hand during use.

We hope you fall in lust with life; with Vida.

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